Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the platform, support and tools needed to enable student and adult success in school and in life. Our Vision is to create structured educational and occupational opportunities for students and adults, launching them towards success.

Our Vision is founded on strategic partnerships built through collaboration with business leaders and industry trailblazers; serving as a valued part of the community by supporting pregnant/parenting teens with academic, social, and emotional guidance; providing a safe haven for children in their primary school years; and expanding innovative workforce programming for adults by continuing to fill the regional demand for more Information Technology professionals.

To reach our goals, we work with private industry partners, training providers, corporate philanthropists, and educators. Through our collective efforts, we are building the region’s capacity to engage and employ more underrepresented workers. We support them through regional IT apprenticeships, mentoring, and industry certification programs. We have a proven track record of helping economically disenfranchised workers go from zero to sixty -- that is, earnings of $0 to salaries of $60K -- by completing our apprenticeship programs.

We have served at least 64 Philadelphia schools over the past ten years.
Over the past decade, we've provided services to more than 86,670 unduplicated students.
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Main Office
5407 Grays Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Phone: 267.386.4600
Fax: 267.299.2519
Email: [email protected]

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